Tyler Moore (fiddle, mandolin, vocals) and Karl Wohlwend (guitar) are both veterans on America’s Irish music scene. As members of the bands Homeland, Knot Fibb’n, and Two2Many, they have toured throughout the US, playing in pubs, concert halls and festivals in a dozen states. They can be heard playing on at least 10 full-length CD recordings. Tyler and Karl began playing together in the Ohio-based Two2Many in 2012, and spun off as a duo act in 2014. Their sound has been described as “modern trad,” reflecting their ability to bring the wealth of their varied experiences to bear on their approach to traditional music. Dogwood Road has feet firmly planted in the respect for the past, while at the same time they acknowledge the spirit of today. High energy jigs and reels, fun arrangements of traditional songs, and an emerging repertory of original music are all features of a Dogwood Road show.

Check out our self-titled, premiere album, Dogwood Road.

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Dogwood Road (2019)